2017-2018 Transfer Guide

You are considered to be a transfer applicant if you have attempted 12 or more credit hours at another college or university any time following graduation from high school.


College & Departmental Contacts

Suggested college and departmental contacts are listed below for your convenience.

University Contacts
Chief Transfer Officer Rick Sparks registrar@vt.edu (540) 231-7951
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Department Name E-Mail Phone
Agricultural and Applied Economics Frenda Haynie fwall@vt.edu (540) 231-6846
Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education Sharon Williams shwilli4@vt.edu (540) 231-6337
Agriculture Technology Rachel Kohl rhensley@vt.edu (540) 231-6503
Animal and Poultry Sciences Jennifer Bradley jrsotto@vt.edu (540) 231-6936
Biochemistry David Lally dally@vt.edu (540) 231-9524
Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences Ben Tracy bftracy@vt.edu (540) 231-8259
Dairy Science Katharine Knowlton knowlton@vt.edu (540) 231-5287
Environmental Science Matt Eick eick@vt.edu (540) 231-8943
Food Science and Technology Linda Granata granata@vt.edu (540) 231-9570
Horticulture Alex Niemiera niemiera@vt.edu (540) 231-5451
Human Nutrition, Foods & Exercise Renee Selberg-Eaton rselberg@vt.edu (540) 231-8768
Exploring Life Sciences Jennifer Carr jjc@vt.edu (540) 231-8127
College of Architecture and Urban Studies
Department Name E-Mail Phone
Art & Art History Tracey Drowne tproco@vt.edu (540) 231-1714
Building Construction Renee Ryan renee.ryan@vt.edu (540) 808-5908
Environmental Policy and Planning Diane Zahm dzahm@vt.edu (540) 231-7503
Interior Design Lisa Tucker ltucker@vt.edu (540) 231-9494
Landscape Architecture Terry Clements tclement@vt.edu (540) 231-6683
Public and Urban Affairs Diane Zahm dzahm@vt.edu (540) 231-7503
Real Estate Ashley Clark aclark06@vt.edu (540) 231-6518
Pamplin College of Business
Department Name E-Mail Phone
All Pamplin College of Business Majors Barbara Townley
Katie Wells
(540) 231-6195
(540) 231-6602
College of Engineering
Department Name E-Mail Phone
All College of Engineering Majors Christi Boone
Alicia Brown
(540) 231-9763
(540) 231-6869
College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences
Department Name E-Mail Phone
All College of Liberal Arts & Human Sciences Majors Karen Watson
Amy Shelton
(540) 231-6770
(540) 231-6770
College of Natural Resources and Environment
Department Name E-Mail Phone
Geography and Meteorology Maureen Deisinger mdeising@vt.edu (540) 231-6886
All other Natural Resources and Environment Majors Stephanie Hart stephaniehart@vt.edu (540) 231-3484
College of Science
Department Name E-Mail Phone
All College of Science Majors Charlotte Parks
Susan Haymore
(540) 231-5145
(540) 231-5144